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Trade Specifications

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The following Trade Specifications must be read in conjunction with all other Contract documentation including; Tender Letter, General Terms, Conditions of Contract for Works, Labour Only and Purchase Orders, General Construction Notes (England & Wales), Suppliers and Sub Contract Works - Customer Charter and the Company's Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to access key Commercial information such as Terms & Conditions, Trade Specification, etc. online as soon as they are updated and revised. We hope that this will ensure that our supply chain is always fully informed as quickly as possible.

Whilst available online, this information is also available from the Commercial Departments at our Divisional offices and will form part of any contract we place (as set out in the Order).

Please be aware that bogus web sites seeking fees for the chance of working with major contractors exist.

Jon Hayward
Senior Group Commercial Manager


Revision Z - 01.08.2020

Within the following sections, amendments have been made following requests from the SHE Management team.

e) Health & Safety

The Contractor must ensure that a Type M Extraction Unit is available for use at all times.

The Contractor must have a safe truss access ladder available for use at all times.

i) Sub-Contractor

It is essential that the Contractor liaises with all other trades associated with the Works to ensure the sub-structure is installed correctly and appropriately prior to work being carried out, including but not limited to:


The Carpentry Contractor is to liaise with the Site Manager to ensure the height and construction of all brickwork and blockwork is correct at eaves to ensure subsequent fixing of wall plate and truss rafters can be installed on an even surface.


An agreement must be reached between the Carpentry and Scaffolding Contractors for the cleaning of excessive D4 Glue from scaffolding components and boards.

14. Kitchen Units / Utility Units

The fixing of all Kitchen / Utility Units has been deleted from the Trade Specification. However, should this be required, it should be added as an addendum for sites where kitchens are to be fitted by the Carpenter.

18. Protection

Reference has now been made to protecting window boards and internal ground/upper floors. This should have already formed part of the protection requirements but has now been specifically noted.

19. Roof Structure

Section 19.7 has been amended to note safety requirements; prior to the fixing of Roof Trusses and Spandral Panels, the Scaffold Table Lifts must be in place.

Revision Y - 01.01.2020

Reference to fixing slatted shelving within airing cupboards removed from Second Fix Sections 1.1(v) and 21.6.

Revision X - 20.09.2019

Updated sections 1.1(ii) and 19.7 to reference installation of ARC Fire Stopping products.

Revision W - 01.01.2019

Minor changes have been made to BDW Method Statement reference for bracing to room-in-the-roof house types.

Revision V - 01.07.2018

No major changes very minor formatting and wording within main roof section.

Revision U -01.01.2018

19.8 has been update by the SHE managers and an updated hyperlink replaced.

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