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Trade Specifications

tagged "Ceramic Floor Tiling"

The following Trade Specifications must be read in conjunction with all other Contract documentation including; Tender Letter, General Terms, Conditions of Contract for Works, Labour Only and Purchase Orders, General Construction Notes (England & Wales), Suppliers and Sub Contract Works - Customer Charter and the Company's Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to access key Commercial information such as Terms & Conditions, Trade Specification, etc. online as soon as they are updated and revised. We hope that this will ensure that our supply chain is always fully informed as quickly as possible.

Whilst available online, this information is also available from the Commercial Departments at our Divisional offices and will form part of any contract we place (as set out in the Order).

Please be aware that bogus web sites seeking fees for the chance of working with major contractors exist.

Jon Hayward
Senior Group Commercial Manager

Ceramic Floor Tiling

Revision H 01.01.2019

Health and Safety information has been updated and company brand information has been updated in-line with our current sales literature.

Revision G 01.11.2013

The general format of the Trade Specification has been updated to be in-line with recent updates to other Trade Specifications. However, the main changes to the specification are within section 4.6, noted as follows, "The Contractor is to leave a minimum of 1m2 of spare tiles, from the same batch of tiles that have been used in the floor tiling operation, in case of small area remedial works. The spare tiles are to be left in an accessible area near to the location of the tiled floor area, i.e. where works are completed to the kitchen area these may be left behind the kitchen unit pelmet."