Our new National Drawing Portal

Posted: Thu, 18 Feb 2016 15:05

Our new National Drawing Portal

Introducing our new national drawing portal, a single platform offering access to drawings and documents across all functions.

The new drawing portal is one of a number of initiatives that has been developed by the Commercial Business Process Review, in conjunction with the provider Conject.

The aim of the Business Process Review is to improve the way each function carries out its core activities, to make sure we're running our business in the most efficient way we can.

The new national drawing portal has a number of benefits, including:

· A single standard system across the group

· All project documentation held in one place

· A reduction in archiving, postage, disk/USB usage and storage

· Easier to identify group revisions

· Able to access the latest drawings via an iPad app

· Reduction in unnecessary duplication

The new drawing portal will be available online, and via the National Drawing Portal app.

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