Construction Best Practice Guide

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:00

Construction Best Practice Guide

The Guide is designed to be used predominately by Construction Teams, but will also benefit Technical and Commercial Teams as well as all Contractors. It is designed to highlight and clarify mandatory requirements, and also offer further options for those wanting to deliver above and beyond the standard requirements. Where something is a mandatory requirement we have highlighted it with an M in the top right corner.

The guide is divided into the key build stages in the order of build with some additional areas covering clarifications of the current standard specification and key areas such as fire stopping. These are listed on the right.

As this is designed to be a live document each page is referenced with the section then page number. So 3-4 refers to Section 3 – Masonry Superstructure then section page 4.

Contractors should contact their Site Team to view the guide.

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