COINS - Project Update

Posted: Fri, 07 Sep 2018 08:30

Barratt's current Commercial systems require disproportionate manual intervention, which leads to people spending far too much time reconciling paperwork instead of doing their day job.

COINS will consolidate disparate systems into a single place and automate a number of manual processes. It represents a strategic investment in technology, enabling people to work in a mobile, flexible fashion, exchanging dozens of sheets of paper for an iPad and creating an instant picture of a development's financial standing. Surveyors can spend more time on site, keeping on top of costs, while buyers and contractors should benefit from fewer invoice queries.

Browsing to and searching for "Barratt COINS" will reveal a selection of videos that give an idea of what the new system will offer. The new COINS is live in West London, DW South West, Mercia, Bristol and Yorkshire East, where it is being used for all new sites. Broader deployment is currently paused as our COINS software is being upgraded.

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