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We are beginning to shape the future and move towards making all of our lives easier by introducing a whole new way of providing you with a tender request. We will do the hard work and gather all of the information together that is normally sent either on CD or posted out to you and we will load it into a new online e-Tendering website. You won't miss out at all and you will be emailed to notify you of an invitation to tender. You can then access via the link or visit this website to review all of the necessary tender documentation. Thereafter you can enter your quotation into the system and submit it to our divisional team. We will then process the tender return in the normal way.

One of the key advantages of this move for you is that you will get up to date information whenever you want it and you will also be able to provide us with updates about yourselves i.e. insurances, etc. You'll only need to do this once and you wont get several divisions chasing you for renewals!

Supplier and Subcontractor Registration

As part of our continued improvement of our internal systems and processes, we have now launched our supplier and subcontractor on-line Portal.

The on-line Portal allows Contractors to manage their company's key information, directly, without the need to send paper copies of Insurance and Scheme information to us through the post. Another key advantage of Contractor's registering with us is that, we will be able to use this information for tendering and procurement of all future works.

By registering with us, Contractors will also be given access to site specific information that we wish to share with you; this information is specific to your works on site and is the very latest information available. Additionally, Contractors will be able to access this information on this website via PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Our commitment to you is to work with you to ensure that you have everything you need as a valued supplier or subcontractor in working with us in the future.

You can save your registration at any time during the process and come back to it later. Once you have completed and submitted your registration, your details will be reviewed by our team, and you will receive an email acknowledgement once you become an approved supplier to Barratt and its associated brands.

Prior to starting the registration process you will need several pieces of information and scanned images of key documents. The checklist below is provided to assist you with gathering all necessary pieces of information before you begin. Once you have everything to hand then you may start to complete the full registration.

  • Existing BDW Account Number (where applicable)
  • Your Organisation's Name, Address and Company Registration number (if applicable).
  • Insurance details including Policy No., Provider, and Expiry Date for Public Liability, Employee Liability and in some instances Professional Indemnity.
  • Supporting Reference documentation (scanned).
  • SSIP/CHAS accreditation details (scanned).
  • Trades covered and Distance prepared to travel
  • Type of Organisation, Trading Status and Number of Employees

Please note, your registration may not be accepted without both current PL and EL insurance certification to the value of £5,000,000 respectively.

Please only register your organisation once, with a single named user. If you require additional named user log-ins, please send an email to commercial.support@barrattplc.co.uk with details of the additional users.

To access the on-line Portal please click the hyperlink below and then enter your security information or click on the 'register' option if accessing this site for the first time.

Login or Register

Here is the e-learning interactive guide for how to register, receive and submit tenders.

Please Note: If your company has already registered, please do not re-register with a slightly different spelling of the company name as this may be deleted from any active tenders. To request additional user access please email us at commercial.support@barrattplc.co.uk, for security reasons we request that you provide details of existing user information to be accompanied with this request. If you have any questions with this process please email us at commercial.support@barrattplc.co.uk . Thank you.

Drawing Portal

If you have ever wanted to get hold of the latest house type designs for the job you are working on, then this is the place to visit. Once inside the Drawing Portal, you will be able to access multiple drawings that relate to your particular contract. House type designs of all types, including heating, electrical, roofing and much more will be here and ready for you to download for review.

To access the Drawing Portal, please make enquiries to the appropriate Barratt or David Wilson Homes Divisional office. You will then be invited to the site-specific drawing page, where you will be provided with read-only access to all relevant drawing information.

As we update drawings that are relevant to you, you will automatically receive an email notification advising you of the change. Click the link within the email to gain access to the drawing change.

To learn more about our Drawing Portal, and specifically how to use it, then please click here to access the Drawing Portal Help Guide.

Consultants, suppliers and divisional administrators: to learn about the new Drawing Approval Request (DAR) process, please click below for a short summary:

DAR summary course.


We have ambitious plans to make our ordering and invoicing processes much simpler, efficient and cost effective for our suppliers, subcontractors and also for ourselves.

We will implement e-Invoicing for our purchase ledger process initially so that we receive invoice data electronically from our suppliers. We have selected the electronic trading service operated by Causeway, known as Tradex, to receive electronic invoice data from our suppliers. The Tradex service is proven in the construction sector.

Suppliers will send their invoice data to the Tradex hub where they will be sorted and then transmitted to relevant Barratt divisions - in effect, Tradex is operating as an electronic sorting office for invoices. Once received by the Barratt divisions, the invoices will be matched with deliveries and orders and processed for payment.

We believe that our suppliers will receive a number of benefits including:

  • Removal of paper, printing and postage costs
  • Invoices sent to one electronic location rather than multiple physical locations
  • Reduced invoice queries
  • Reduced time taken to resolve queries

For further information about our e-invoicing project and the Tradex service, please click on the following link: Barratt e-Invoicing

Over time we will turn to other aspects of electronic trading such as transmitting orders electronically to our supply chain.

We will work with you, our partners, over the coming weeks and months as we shape the future of electronic trading.