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Trade Specifications

The following Trade Specifications must be read in conjunction with all other Contract documentation including; Tender Letter, General Terms, Conditions of Contract for Works, Labour Only and Purchase Orders, General Construction Notes (England & Wales), Suppliers and Sub Contract Works - Customer Charter and the Company's Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to access key Commercial information such as Terms & Conditions, Trade Specification, etc. online as soon as they are updated and revised. We hope that this will ensure that our supply chain is always fully informed as quickly as possible.

Whilst available online, this information is also available from the Commercial Departments at our Divisional offices and will form part of any contract we place (as set out in the Order).

Please be aware that bogus web sites seeking fees for the chance of working with major contractors exist.

Jon Hayward
Senior Group Commercial Manager


Revision V 01.08.2020

18. Cavity Trays

An update has been made to section 18.1 to prevent water ingress to the building, the Contractors is to ensure that all Cavity Trays installed are in accordance with Group Standard Technical Details as well as the Group Supplier Agreement for preformed cavity trays.

23. Telehandler / Forklift

Section 23.2 has been updated for SHE management; if the Contractor supplies their own Telehandler / Forklift, it must meet the requirements of the company specification (SHE Form 68) which is available to the Contractor upon request.

26. Health & Safety

Section 26.2 has been added to note; all Operatives must have a valid CSCS Card relevant to their trade activity.

Section 26.7.4 has been added to note; employment of Non-English Nationals require a trained site supervisor who can translate in order to communicate Health & Safety matters.

Revision U 20.09.2019

Section 2 has been renumbered to Section 1 Brickwork Rates, correcting the reference number against the previous section External Wall Construction. A renumbering of the following Sections of the specification has occurred

Expansion Joints, where applicable, are to be installed in accordance with the NHBC Standards.

Updated sections 1.1.10 / 6.1.5 / 6.2.1 / 6.2.2 / 6.2.3 and 9.2.3 to reference installation of all ARC cavity fire barriers and ARC party wall DPC barriers in accordance with Group Standard Details.

Deletion of Section 7.2 Brickwork Constructed to 2006 Building Regulations, as these specification notes should no longer be required.

Section 7 Integral Garages, the words "When build in masonry construction…" have been added.

Deletion of Section 10.2.1 Thermal Economics Ltd Alreflex 2L2 fixing instructions. Renumbering of Section 10.2.2 to 9.2.1 Thermal Economics Alreflex Platinum insulation board fixing instructions.

Revision T 01.07.2018

General update to the Health & Safety section and inclusion of swift brick installation instructions.

Revision S 01.01.2018

We have now incorporated additional wording with regards to cast stone & pre-cast concrete floors.

Revision R 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only

Revision Q 01.07.2016

The trade specification has been updated in the following sections:

Section 6.3 has been amended to include 2013 Building Regulations.

A new subsection has been added within Health & Safety, 25.1 notes, "It is the Contractors responsibility to ensure that, whilst cutting bricks and blocks, his workforce and other workers in the vicinity of the brick cutting area are not exposed to silica dust arising from the cutting process. Where grinding tools are used in the cutting process, all operatives must wear a FFP3 disposable mask or half face respirator with at P3 filter. Additionally, all operatives must be face fit tested and records made available to site management."

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Revision Z - 01.08.2020

Within the following sections, amendments have been made following requests from the SHE Management team.

e) Health & Safety

The Contractor must ensure that a Type M Extraction Unit is available for use at all times.

The Contractor must have a safe truss access ladder available for use at all times.

i) Sub-Contractor

It is essential that the Contractor liaises with all other trades associated with the Works to ensure the sub-structure is installed correctly and appropriately prior to work being carried out, including but not limited to:


The Carpentry Contractor is to liaise with the Site Manager to ensure the height and construction of all brickwork and blockwork is correct at eaves to ensure subsequent fixing of wall plate and truss rafters can be installed on an even surface.


An agreement must be reached between the Carpentry and Scaffolding Contractors for the cleaning of excessive D4 Glue from scaffolding components and boards.

14. Kitchen Units / Utility Units

The fixing of all Kitchen / Utility Units has been deleted from the Trade Specification. However, should this be required, it should be added as an addendum for sites where kitchens are to be fitted by the Carpenter.

18. Protection

Reference has now been made to protecting window boards and internal ground/upper floors. This should have already formed part of the protection requirements but has now been specifically noted.

19. Roof Structure

Section 19.7 has been amended to note safety requirements; prior to the fixing of Roof Trusses and Spandral Panels, the Scaffold Table Lifts must be in place.

Revision Y - 01.01.2020

Reference to fixing slatted shelving within airing cupboards removed from Second Fix Sections 1.1(v) and 21.6.

Revision X - 20.09.2019

Updated sections 1.1(ii) and 19.7 to reference installation of ARC Fire Stopping products.

Revision W - 01.01.2019

Minor changes have been made to BDW Method Statement reference for bracing to room-in-the-roof house types.

Revision V - 01.07.2018

No major changes very minor formatting and wording within main roof section.

Revision U -01.01.2018

19.8 has been update by the SHE managers and an updated hyperlink replaced.

Tags: Carpentry

Ceramic Floor Tiling

Revision H 01.01.2019

Health and Safety information has been updated and company brand information has been updated in-line with our current sales literature.

Revision G 01.11.2013

The general format of the Trade Specification has been updated to be in-line with recent updates to other Trade Specifications. However, the main changes to the specification are within section 4.6, noted as follows, "The Contractor is to leave a minimum of 1m2 of spare tiles, from the same batch of tiles that have been used in the floor tiling operation, in case of small area remedial works. The spare tiles are to be left in an accessible area near to the location of the tiled floor area, i.e. where works are completed to the kitchen area these may be left behind the kitchen unit pelmet."


Revision K 01.07.2018

Wording to match tick schedule aligned and general update of Health & Safety.

Revision J 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.

Revision I 01.11.2015

The trade specification for Cleaning has been rewritten based on feedback received from Divisions and Contractors. It now contains a clear table of cleaning area requirements at the appropriate visit noted.

Additionally, the term Sparkle Clean is now to be referred to as Final Clean.

Tags: Cleaning


Revision J 01.07.2017

Items 8 & 9 have been amended, 8 The contractor must produce a Materials Management Plan in accordance with CL: AIRE Definition of Waste Industry Code of Practice (DoW CoP), which includes information about reducing waste to landfill. 9 A Qualified person must be nominated to issue the Declaration to the Environment Agency in accordance with the CL: AIRE DoW CoP and provide verification report upon completion.

In addition to the adjustments above, a Demolition waste summary report has been added for waste materials to be collated and will be required as part of the waste management yearly review.

Drylining Coving Screed

Revision AG 01.08.2020

5. Ceilings

Section 5.1 references to Perimeter Noggins have been deleted as these are no longer required.

Revision AF 01.01.2020

Section 3 – Boxing and Inaccessible Areas – Minimum thickness of fibreglass quilt insulation added to 3.1.

All boxing and ducting to SVP's etc to be 2 layers of 12.5mm plasterboard and 3mm skim and packed with fibreglass quilt insulation. Minimum 25mm around soil pipes.

Revision AE 20.09.2019

General section k) and Section 7.11 External Walls - Ensure a neat plaster seal is applied to all flue chimneys passing through external walls sealing the flue chimney but maintaining the manufacturers seal installed by the Plumbing and Heating Contractor.

Revision AD 01.01.2019

Group Supplier information and contact details have been updated.

Revision AC 01.07.2018

Communication of trades added in specification Carpenter & SIG Roof space.

Revision AB 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.

Revision AA 01.10.2016

Section 7.10 has been amended to reflect the instruction for external wall to have a metal frames walling system to be applicable to flat over garages, constructed with timber floors.


Revision AL 01.08.2020

k) Sub-Contractor

Health & Safety note added; loft access shall be gained only with the use of proprietary crawl boards.

27. Schedule of Materials

Deta Downlighters part numbers have been updated with current fire rated product reference numbers.

Deta reference S1299 – 2 gang switched and 3 USB charging ports added to kitchen as standard

Revision AK 20.09.2019

Section 5.14 Broadband - Cat module and wiring changed to CAT6.

Section 15.8 Condensation Traps – Revised to include connection with the trap and drain fitted to the extraction fan.

Section 21.3 Fire Protection - Electrical sockets for Built in Ovens and Integrated Dishwashers must be installed in accordance with standard details.

Section 24.4 Television – Connection of Sky and Virgin Media Plates. Refer to the latest requirements detailed in the Sky and Virgin
pre-wiring specifications.

Section 27 Schedule of Materials – Door Entry Systems schedule updated in accordance with Comelit specification update. Deta Carbon Dioxide detectors reference has changed from 1141 to 1142.

Revision AJ 01.01.2019

This document has been subject to review due to the new I.E.T regulations 18th edition, which will be subject to for any new electrical installations designed (tendered) from the 1st of January 2019.

Removal of equipotential bonding requirements.

Group Supplier information has been updated for Door Entry Systems.

Material Schedules have been updated with revised product codes for Hagar consumer units. The Contractor to assess whether surge protection is required based on the plot's location in the country (using a lightning strike rate map) plus a rural and suburban / urban factor in accordance with I.E.T. regulations 18th edition.

Removal of door chimes / bells to all ranges from the material schedule.

Addition of Deta carbon dioxide detectors (Scotland only)

Revision AI 01.07.2018

Fire protection within the specification has been reviewed.

Section 20 has been newly added.

An update of smoke alarm product reference numbers have been amended.

Revision AH 01.01.2018

15.3 Rewording - Kitchen (Where no hood extract)

Fans in this location must be capable of giving extraction at a rate not less than 60 litres/second extraction, ducted to outside through sleeve, duct should be built in brickwork as work proceeds or 30l/s if the fan is placed over the hob.

15.4 Addition - Were the fan is ducted to a roof tile vent the EnviroVent condensation kit must be used, flexible ducting to be pulled taught and to be kept to a minimum as per the domestic ventilation compliance guide.

15.5 Addition - Were a utility fan is ducted to a roof tile vent the EnviroVent condensation kit must be used, flexible ducting to be pulled taught and to be kept to a minimum as per the domestic ventilation compliance guide.

15.8 New - All of the above equipment to be manufactured by Envirovent.

Schedule of materials updated accordingly 3 revised product numbers.

Revision AG 01.07.2017

Changes to product codes/names have changed.

Electrical Downlighter Installation

Barratt / David Wilson Homes Standard Drawing DB-SD09-003


Revision K 01.01.2020

1.7 All timber fencing should be FSC or PEFC chain of custody certified accreditation.

Revision J 20.09.2019

1.7 Contractors must purchase all timber via suppliers with FSC or PEFC chain of custody certification accreditation.

Revision I - 01.07.2018

General Health & Safety update and notes added for gravel boards where levels dictate use of.

Revision H - 01.07.2017

Addition of no. of bags of post concrete per fence type as per Remix post mix guide. This added notes 2.4, 3.5, 4.4, 5.4, 6.1,
7.7, 9.1, 10.2, 11.4 and 12.

Revision G - 01.07.2016

Section 1 Quotation Subsection 1.4 has been updated to include "Tanatone (Celbronzed or equivalent) pressure treated" timber.

New subsections 1.5 and 1.6 have been added as appropriate "Any timbers cut on site are to be resealed using Dulux Trade Exterior Woodstain" and "The Contractors attention is also drawn to the Company's Timber Sourcing Policy noting compliance with ethically and sustainably sourced timber."

Section 7 Closeboard has been amended to note panel widths of 2.7 to 3.0m with timber weather capping being fitted to all posts following feedback from a Divison. The depth that posts should be set in concrete in the ground has now been specified as 750mm.

Section 8 Gates has been updated to specify gates to be fitted to "1.8m x 100mm x 50mm timber wall plate" and "completed with a 'good quality' ironmongery, as approved by the Company, including galvanised Suffolk latch, galvanised Brenton padbolt, 200mm galvanised cabin hook for holding gate open to house wall or other timber post, including 900mm x 25 x 32mm gate stop fitted to post. Timber weather capping to be fitted to all timber posts." These requirements have been repeated for 900mm palisade gates on 1.0m posts.

Section 9 has been relabelled "Kick Rail" with a new section 10 added for "Post and Rail" added specifying 1.2m high fence.

Section 11 Pallisade has been simplified and naming added "Vertical Hit and Miss Fencing" noting only 75mm x 25mm spacings and 75mm x 50mm spacings. Again timber weather capping to posts has been added.

Subsection 13.4 has been removed in-line with the changes to the treatment noted in subsection 1.4.

Tags: Fencing

Fire Proofing

Revision A 01.10.2016

Contact references for the SIG Fire Protection Managers have been updated following recent appointments.