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Trade Specifications

The following Trade Specifications must be read in conjunction with all other Contract documentation including; Tender Letter, General Terms, Conditions of Contract for Works, Labour Only and Purchase Orders, General Construction Notes (England & Wales), Suppliers and Sub Contract Works - Customer Charter and the Company's Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to access key Commercial information such as Terms & Conditions, Trade Specification, etc. online as soon as they are updated and revised. We hope that this will ensure that our supply chain is always fully informed as quickly as possible.

Whilst available online, this information is also available from the Commercial Departments at our Divisional offices and will form part of any contract we place (as set out in the Order).

Please be aware that bogus web sites seeking fees for the chance of working with major contractors exist.

Jon Hayward
Senior Group Commercial Manager

Glass Balustrades

Revision B - 01.01.2019

Changes to formatting, corporate branding and a Health and Safety section has been added.

Revision A - 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.


Revision H 01.07.17

Formatting changes only.

Revision G 02.02.2015

Section 5.2 British Standard references have been updated.

Section14.3.1 Removal of the spot treatment "with Paraquat".

Loft Insulation

Revision N - 01.08.2020

e) Health & Safety

The Contractor shall obtain the COSHH Safety Data Sheet and follow the guidance detailed within.

The Contractor shall provide suitable lighting to illuminate the loft space.

The Contractor shall provide a safe means of access to the loft space.

Revision M - 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.

Revision K - 01.07.2016

Group Supplier information has been added specifying the supply details of Superglass Insulation Ltd. Distribution has also been added for the supply of insulation through SIG Interiors.

General section k has been amended to note the requirements for Contractors to check that Manthorpe G502 profiled ventilation roll is being installed. The requirements for the Electrician installing loft cone fire hoods have been removed as these are now specified as fire rated downlighters.

Section 3 Loft Insulation has been amended to reflect the type of insulation being Superglass Multi-Roll 44.


Revision Q - 01.08.2020

2. External Mastic

Clarification has been added to 2.1 (v) around perimeter of integral garage ceilings and perimeter of shared double garages with the use of intumescent sealant.

4. Internal Mastic

The following requirement has now been deleted in section 4.1 (i) The joint between the masonry wall and the timber joists and any other air path to the external face of the structure are to be carefully sealed with silicone sealant if the joists are not on hangers or shoes but built in to masonry wall.

Revision P - 01.01.2019

Two tables have been added to the trade specification, where mastic is required to be applied, both internally and externally, to assist contractors with the requirements already noted. No additional areas of mastic have been added to the requirements.

Revision O - 01.01.2018

3.1 addition - Do not silicone around any Amtico installation for a minimum of 72 hours after installation to allow for flooring adhesive to fully set.

Revision N - 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.

Revision K - 01.07.2016

Within section 1, Quotation, a new subsection has been added limiting the inclusion for fire proofing, "1.4 Fire proofing within this trade specification is limited to dwellings and flat above garage units. Where Fire Proofing is required to Apartments the Contractor must refer specifically to the Fire Proofing Trade Specification."

Section 2, Mastic, has been split into 2. External Mastic and 3. Internal Mastic. Within section 3, subsection 3.1 two new points have been added for mastic to be completed "(v) Around cavity closer prior to fitting the window frame. The joint between the cavity closer and blockwork to be sealed prior to dry lining." and "Around mechanical extract fans where passing through the wall."

Within subsection 3.1, point (vii) has been amended to remove internal garage personnel doors with this being added into a new subsection 3.2 "Garages, where there is an apartment / flat above, to be sealed with intumescent acoustic sealant as follows: (i) All perimeter ceiling plasterboard joints sealed with intumescent acoustic sealant. (ii) Internal garage personnel door frames."

A new section 4 has been added to note Schedule of Material to be used when undertaking mastic works, "The Contractor is to use only the following materials in the locations noted above unless expressly noted otherwise by the Company in the tender enquiry."

Tags: Mastic

Painting and Decorating

Revision W 01.08.2020

k) Recycling

Contractors are requested to purchase all paint through Dulux Decorating Centres (DDC) and ensure all empty cans are recycled in accordance with the Company's sustainability policy.

Contractors are to return all empty cans to the site compound storage area to the bags provided for paints only, in readiness for collection. Contractors are to ensure they advise their local DDC centre when the tins are ready for collection. Or alternatively, Contractors can return all empty tins back to their local DDC store themselves to be recycled, ensuring that they inform the store clerk which BDW site they have come from. For more information Contractors are to contact their local DDC centre.

Revision V 20.09.2019

An amendment has been made to General item k) Outlining the Company's paint can recycling scheme.

Contractors are to clarify with the divisional office for the site, the paint colour used for Plastered Surfaces, where this is to be instructed regionally to be either Almond White or Brilliant White.

Revision U 01.01.2019

A minor amendment has been made to the colour specified under Plastered Surfaces.

Revision T 01.07.2018

Recycling section has had a Dulux web link added and wording within recycling amended and colour for walls have been amended.

Revision S 01.01.2018

3.6 Rewording - External work is not carried out in adverse weather conditions. No work shall be carried out below 5 degrees C. (solvent borne) or 8 degrees C. (water borne) or when the humidity exceeds 80%. All work shall be protected against frost.

4.2 additional wording - Where additional filling is required after the application of the mist coat this must be brought forward with a thinned coat of Dulux Trade Supermatt prior to the application of finishing coats. This reduces filler flash through.

Revision R 01.07.2017

Product codes/names have changed.

Revision Q 01.10.2016

Within the Preparation of Painting Surfaces, Section 4.1, the requirements for painting internal doors has been updated following
the changes to the Group Commodity Agreement for procurement of either primed finish doors or pre-finished doors; door treatment is to be advised by the Surveyor at tender stage to allow the appropriate allowance to be provided as part of the quotation.

Within section 4.2 Plastered Surfaces, the painting upgrade options for Gold and Diamond finish have been removed as is now one standard finish specified.

Plot Groundworks

Revision V 01.08.2020

4. Domestic Drainage

4.17 updated - Shared Drives with large vehicular access shall have a Class B125 Cover and Frame (minimum) to any Inspection Chambers located within the drive area.

Revision U 01.01.2020

General Item f) Group Suppliers. FP McCann added to the list for Precast Concrete L Retaining Wall System.

General Item g) Health & Safety. The Contractor's attention is drawn to the Safety, Health and Environmental section of this Plot Groundworks Trade Specification and the requirements noted.

Revision T 20.09.2019

Updated section 3.1 to reference installation of ARC Fire Stopping products.

Revision S 01.01.2019

Minor changes to this specification include fall protection to all foundation slabs with a risk greater than a 600mm fall.

Removal of patio areas within the trade specification.

Addition of Manthorpe telescopic vent to Section 11.15 for all block & beam, NuSpan and Jetfloor system foundations.

New Section 11.21 has been added to provide the requirements for scaffold bases.

Revision R 01.07.2018

Group supplier information amended.

Revision Q 01.01.2018

12 -12.5 Screed section from Drylining specification added as a crossover where screeds are completed by groundworker.

Revision P 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.

Revision O 01.01.2017

Section 5, Drives, has been updated to note revisions to the construction specification. Subsection 5.2 now notes that drives are to be
constructed in two stages, up to and including binder course and a second visit to complete the surface course. Subsections 5.4 and 5.5 have been updated to reflect the revised construction specification for private and shared drives introducing 20mm Stone Mastic Asphalt in the surface course for private drives and 30mm for shared drives. Subsection 5.6 has been added to specify the minimum requirements to ensure drives drain away from buildings or be set a minimum distance from the building in accordance with NHBC guidelines. Subsection 5.7 has also been added to specify the detail for the demarkation of bays within multiple parking bays.

Section 8, Paths/Patios, has been amended to specify 32mm paving slabs as currently supplied in accordance with the Group commodity agreement with Marshalls.

Section 11, Substructure, has been amended to specify the quality of the topsoil to be imported where the Contractor is to provide allowances within the tender. Details have also been added to subsection 11.8 for cast-insitu suspended slab construction, compliant with 2013 Building Regulations. Subsection 11.9 details have been added for Timber Frame Construction, the requirements for trench block sizing for cast-insitu floor slabs and beam and block floor slabs has been noted. Additional notes have been added to instruct the Groundwork Contractor to use timber/metal sections as shuttering for the concrete and not splash brickwork with sacrificial insulation. Subsection 11.13 has also been updated to reflect the insulation requirements for Beam and Block Floor Construction, compliant with 2013 Building Regulations.

Plumbing and Heating

Revision AO 01.08.2020

h) Health & Safety

All Electrical equipment, which is being used on site, is required to be PAT tested in accordance with current legislation.

Leadwork section deleted and added to Roof Tiler trade specification.

22. Schedule of Materials

Cleaning and Commissioning Products updated with the current Adey specification.

Supplier details have been updated for Electric showers.

Revision AN 20.09.2019

Section 2.9 has been update to include the requirement that Boiler and Flue Chimneys must be sealed into walls using the manufacturers internal seal provided.

Section 20.5 Unvented Hot Water Cylinder – has been updated in line with Kingspan specification which now includes the fitting
of non-dynamic pressure reducing valves should the cold water mains kinetic pressure exceed 3.0bar.

Updated Section 23. Schedule of Materials – Heating Controls updated with latest product references and descriptions. Adey
Innovation Limited has been added to the list of Group Suppliers for cleaning and commissioning products.

Revision AM 01.01.2019

Minor changes to formatting, bullet numbering and supplier information.

Revision AL 01.01.2018

10.3 New – All gutter brackets to be installed at 600mm centres maximum.

18.5 New - The locations of rodding access points are to be provided at 3 storey intervals or less and above the spillover levels of appliances as per approved document H.

Revision AK 01.07.2017

Added to section f) All works to be carried out in accordance with water supply (water fittings) regulations 1999 section 73 (1) outlines the requirement of any property to prevent any system which causes or is likely to cause contamination from being connected to a water supply.

Item 2.9 amended. Boiler flues must not be sealed into walls, ceilings or floors with mastic, plaster or cement or any compound that hinders movement of the flue. The only instance that a flue is sealed is where a conventional boiler is connected to a concentric flue exiting a masonry wall to be sealed with a non-setting mastic.

Item 15.2 amended all ground floor radiators are to be fitted with a lock shield drain off radiator valve and/or Thermostatic/Wheel head valve as shown on the heating consultant design drawingsTRV's can be fitted vertically or horizontally depending on space issues encountered. All other radiators are to be fitted with a lock shield valve and/or Thermostatic/Wheel head valve, again as shown on the heating consultant design drawings.

Item 20.8 amended First fix soil stack test certificate, due to NHBC request.


Revision H 01.07.2017

Product codes/names have changed.

Revision G 01.07.2016

The General section formatting and notes have been updated to bring these in-line with all other specifications including, Clearing, Defective Workmanship, Health & Safety, Materials, Manufacturer's Products, Site Conditions and Subcontractor works. Group Supplier information has been added to reflect that of Saint Gobain Weber Limited.

Section 3 has been updated to reflect the materials and products for fixing as specified by Weber including dry-dash products and water repellent admixture.

A new section 4 has been added describing the Application of renders, specified by Weber.

Old section 4 Weather Constraints has been renumbered 5 with a subsection added 5.2 "Protection from unfavourable weather conditions should always be provided during application and early age curing". In addition, subsection 5.4 for hot weather application has been add to with notes, "Application should be avoided where temperatures exceed 30° Celsius".

Subsection 6.1 has been amended reflecting the application of render to the substrate, noting that, "The substrate must have a good mechanical key suitable for rendering." and where render is applied to smooth dense block that "Weber.rend ald must be used to provide an artificial key".

Tags: Render

Roads & Sewers to Binder Course inc. stage 2

Revision N - 01.01.2018

Roads & sewers to binder course inc. stage 2 (formally Roads & sewers to Binder course) – Rev N 01.01.18 & Roads
& Sewers stage 2 – Rev I 01.01.18

Revision M - 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.

Roads & Sewers Stage 2

Revision I - 01.01.2018

The Roads & sewers stage 2 trade specification has been amalgamated into the Roads & Sewers to Binder Course inc. stage 2
trade spec. at this stage the documents have been updated separately if there are instances of stage 2 only contracts to be tendered or issued.

Revision H - 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only.