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Trade Specifications

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The following Trade Specifications must be read in conjunction with all other Contract documentation including; Tender Letter, General Terms, Conditions of Contract for Works, Labour Only and Purchase Orders, General Construction Notes (England & Wales), Suppliers and Sub Contract Works - Customer Charter and the Company's Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to access key Commercial information such as Terms & Conditions, Trade Specification, etc. online as soon as they are updated and revised. We hope that this will ensure that our supply chain is always fully informed as quickly as possible.

Whilst available online, this information is also available from the Commercial Departments at our Divisional offices and will form part of any contract we place (as set out in the Order).

Please be aware that bogus web sites seeking fees for the chance of working with major contractors exist.

Jon Hayward
Senior Group Commercial Manager


Revision Y 01.08.2022

Section 9.1 item added – the contractor is to review the Construction Specification to ensure the correct system of cavity wall insulation is included within their tender.

Section 9.2 item added – the contractor is to allow for fixing solid insulation behind bays where full-fill blown bead cannot reach.

Section 24 items updated – minor amendments have been made to waste clauses.

Revision X 01.02.2022

General section – a) with reference to the procurement of materials, installation of materials and on-site working methods to ensure the correct standards and compliance is achieved on site. This trade specification is to be read alongside working drawings, BDW Standard Details, manufacturer's literature and the Barratt Construction Best Practice Guide.

Defective Workmanship – e) with reference to works undertaken by a preceding trade.

Sub-Contractor – i) where fire proofing or fire stopping measures are likely to follow this trade, it is essential the preparation work is sufficiently prepared.

External Wall Construction j) paragraph updated in accordance with Group Technical.

1.1.12 – Updated fire stopping detail for boiler flues in timber frame houses.

6.1.3 – Weep holes to be incorporated in accordance with Group Standard Technical details.

6.1.5 – Cavity Barriers – i) Fire Proofing to Structure and Cavity Walls added – Applicable to Multi Storey Apartments (5 Storey and above ) RC Frame only.

6.1.5 – Cavity Barriers – Party/External Wall Junction updated in accordance with Group Technical.

6.2.2 – Party Walls updated in accordance with Group Technical – ARC Party Wall barrier installation.

9.2.3 – Paragraph updated in accordance with Group Technical. Thermal insulation must be accurately cut in order to fit the 'ARC Party Wall DPC' barrier to ensure the barrier is in compression between both leafs of the external wall construction and NOT fitted against the thermal insulation.

9.2.4 – Paragraph added in accordance with Group Technical To allow the ARC cavity fire barrier to be installed correctly along the eaves.

11.6 – Thermal movement of the lintel/steel beam can cause cracking of masonry supports where friction prevents differential movement between the lintel and masonry to take place. A slip membrane e.g. double layer of DPC or similar, should be placed between the lintel/steel beam and top of the padstone on any lintel/steel beam which spans an opening of 3m or more.

17.5 – Proprietary weep holes are to be installed at 450mm centres and in accordance with Group Standard Technical details.

17.8 – Keyfix non-combustible cavity trays note added.

19.1.5 – The hand mixing area shall be demarcated with a robust physical barrier i.e. pedestrian barrier to provide a physical barrier between plant and the mixing operative.

22.3 – Where the contractor provides a forklift/telehandler operative, they must hold a current HBF (CPCS, NPORS) approved card to demonstrate competency to operate that item of equipment. The contractor must also ensure the operative is fit to operate said equipment by being subject to a 3 yearly medical and having a resulting "fit to work" certificate.

25.7.3 - All working platforms used by the contractor must be cleared of all of their materials and equipment for that sequence of work so aid safe dismantling and adaptions of scaffolds/working platforms.

Sign off clause updated.

Revision W 01.07.2021

Item added 5.1.2 – DPC's must be installed on an even bed of wet mortar.

Section 1.1.10 and 1.1.11 – Added reference to low-rise construction added, removed reference to later section in document now replaced.

Section 6.15 – All Contractors installing Cavity Barriers on High Rise Structures (5 storeys and above) must be accredited to one of the following; FIRAS, BM Trada, IFC, LPCB.

Section 15 – Removed reference to Fireplaces.

Revision V 01.08.2020

18. Cavity Trays

An update has been made to section 18.1 to prevent water ingress to the building, the Contractors is to ensure that all Cavity Trays installed are in accordance with Group Standard Technical Details as well as the Group Supplier Agreement for preformed cavity trays.

23. Telehandler / Forklift

Section 23.2 has been updated for SHE management; if the Contractor supplies their own Telehandler / Forklift, it must meet the requirements of the company specification (SHE Form 68) which is available to the Contractor upon request.

26. Health & Safety

Section 26.2 has been added to note; all Operatives must have a valid CSCS Card relevant to their trade activity.

Section 26.7.4 has been added to note; employment of Non-English Nationals require a trained site supervisor who can translate in order to communicate Health & Safety matters.

Revision U 20.09.2019

Section 2 has been renumbered to Section 1 Brickwork Rates, correcting the reference number against the previous section External Wall Construction. A renumbering of the following Sections of the specification has occurred

Expansion Joints, where applicable, are to be installed in accordance with the NHBC Standards.

Updated sections 1.1.10 / 6.1.5 / 6.2.1 / 6.2.2 / 6.2.3 and 9.2.3 to reference installation of all ARC cavity fire barriers and ARC party wall DPC barriers in accordance with Group Standard Details.

Deletion of Section 7.2 Brickwork Constructed to 2006 Building Regulations, as these specification notes should no longer be required.

Section 7 Integral Garages, the words "When build in masonry construction…" have been added.

Deletion of Section 10.2.1 Thermal Economics Ltd Alreflex 2L2 fixing instructions. Renumbering of Section 10.2.2 to 9.2.1 Thermal Economics Alreflex Platinum insulation board fixing instructions.

Revision T 01.07.2018

General update to the Health & Safety section and inclusion of swift brick installation instructions.

Revision S 01.01.2018

We have now incorporated additional wording with regards to cast stone & pre-cast concrete floors.

Revision R 01.07.2017

Formatting changes only

Revision Q 01.07.2016

The trade specification has been updated in the following sections:

Section 6.3 has been amended to include 2013 Building Regulations.

A new subsection has been added within Health & Safety, 25.1 notes, "It is the Contractors responsibility to ensure that, whilst cutting bricks and blocks, his workforce and other workers in the vicinity of the brick cutting area are not exposed to silica dust arising from the cutting process. Where grinding tools are used in the cutting process, all operatives must wear a FFP3 disposable mask or half face respirator with at P3 filter. Additionally, all operatives must be face fit tested and records made available to site management."

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