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Trade Specifications

tagged "Painting and Decorating"

The following Trade Specifications must be read in conjunction with all other Contract documentation including; Tender Letter, General Terms, Conditions of Contract for Works, Labour Only and Purchase Orders, General Construction Notes (England & Wales), Suppliers and Sub Contract Works - Customer Charter and the Company's Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to enable our sub-contractors and suppliers to access key Commercial information such as Terms & Conditions, Trade Specification, etc. online as soon as they are updated and revised. We hope that this will ensure that our supply chain is always fully informed as quickly as possible.

Whilst available online, this information is also available from the Commercial Departments at our Divisional offices and will form part of any contract we place (as set out in the Order).

Please be aware that bogus web sites seeking fees for the chance of working with major contractors exist.

Jon Hayward
Senior Group Commercial Manager

Painting and Decorating

Revision Y 01.08.2022

General section item e) - Dulux Trade Satinwood deleted. Sikkens Rubbol Satura White added.

Section 3.4 item updated - and free from paint splashes and drips when complete.

Section 4.1 item – Satinwood deleted, Dulux Trade Undercoat added.

Section 4.1 item updated - primed internal skirting boards, architraves, door linings and window boards are to receive 2 coats Dulux Trade Undercoat and 1 coat of Sikkens Rubbol Satura White Satinwood.

Section 4.1 item updated - stairs are to be painted, treads and risers only are to be left untreated except where they abut the stair string, which should be finished with an even free hand painted 25mm brush line; where balusters are untreated they are to receive 2 coats of Dulux Trade Undercoat and 1 coat of Trade Satinwood Sikkens Rubbol Satura White, where balusters are pre-primed they are to receive 2 coats of Sikkens Rubbol Satura White (unless otherwise stated in an addendum to this specification).

Section 4.1 item updated - internal white paneled doors, where doors are supplied to a primed finish, are to receive 2 coats Dulux Trade Undercoat and 1 coat of Sikkens Rubbol Satura White; where doors are supplied pre-finished, no further paint treatment is required (door treatment is to be advised by the Surveyor at tender stage to allow the appropriate allowance to be provided as part of the quotation).

Section 4.2 item added - Trade Supermatt spray application is permissible for the first 'mist coat', all subsequent coats are to be applied by roller finish.

Revision X 01.07.2021

Section 4.4 – a note has been added when the front door is white, the white meter box should not be painted.

Revision W 01.08.2020

k) Recycling

Contractors are requested to purchase all paint through Dulux Decorating Centres (DDC) and ensure all empty cans are recycled in accordance with the Company's sustainability policy.

Contractors are to return all empty cans to the site compound storage area to the bags provided for paints only, in readiness for collection. Contractors are to ensure they advise their local DDC centre when the tins are ready for collection. Or alternatively, Contractors can return all empty tins back to their local DDC store themselves to be recycled, ensuring that they inform the store clerk which BDW site they have come from. For more information Contractors are to contact their local DDC centre.

Revision V 20.09.2019

An amendment has been made to General item k) Outlining the Company's paint can recycling scheme.

Contractors are to clarify with the divisional office for the site, the paint colour used for Plastered Surfaces, where this is to be instructed regionally to be either Almond White or Brilliant White.

Revision U 01.01.2019

A minor amendment has been made to the colour specified under Plastered Surfaces.

Revision T 01.07.2018

Recycling section has had a Dulux web link added and wording within recycling amended and colour for walls have been amended.

Revision S 01.01.2018

3.6 Rewording - External work is not carried out in adverse weather conditions. No work shall be carried out below 5 degrees C. (solvent borne) or 8 degrees C. (water borne) or when the humidity exceeds 80%. All work shall be protected against frost.

4.2 additional wording - Where additional filling is required after the application of the mist coat this must be brought forward with a thinned coat of Dulux Trade Supermatt prior to the application of finishing coats. This reduces filler flash through.

Revision R 01.07.2017

Product codes/names have changed.

Revision Q 01.10.2016

Within the Preparation of Painting Surfaces, Section 4.1, the requirements for painting internal doors has been updated following
the changes to the Group Commodity Agreement for procurement of either primed finish doors or pre-finished doors; door treatment is to be advised by the Surveyor at tender stage to allow the appropriate allowance to be provided as part of the quotation.

Within section 4.2 Plastered Surfaces, the painting upgrade options for Gold and Diamond finish have been removed as is now one standard finish specified.