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BDW Trading Ltd (England and Wales)

General Terms to all Contractors

Revision V 01.01.2017

Section 10 has been updated to note that, "Only those persons who can prove to the Site Manager that they have a CSCS, CPCS or other approved competency card relevant to the work activity will be allowed on site."

Notes relating to the Waste Management for contracts exceeding £100,000 have been removed as these are no longer required.

Revision U 01.11.2013

Amendments to clause 17, "Where in any document forming part of a contract between the Company and the Contractor the Company specifies a product from a particular source or manufacturer then the Contractor shall comply with such requirement and shall ensure that any and all products so specified are used in fulfilling the Contractors obligations under that Contract. Any failure by the Contractor to comply with such requirement which results in a loss of any applicable manufacturer or supplier rebate which would otherwise be payable to the Company shall result in such loss being recoverable from the Contractor by the Company by way of deduction from or contra charge against any sum otherwise due to the Contractor or as a debt due to the Company from the Contractor."

"Provided that where the Contractor can demonstrate that notwithstanding its use of best endeavours to obtain such specified product or otherwise meet such requirement of the Company, due to circumstances beyond its control it has been unable to obtain such specified product or meet such requirement, then the Contractor shall not be liable to the Company for the loss of any manufacturer or supplier rebate or the amount thereof."

Works Order Conditions of Contract

These pertain to the supply of Labour and Material.

Labour Only Conditions of Contract

These pertain to the supply of Labour Only.

Purchase Order Conditions of Contract

These pertain to the supply of Material.

BDW Suppliers and Subcontractors – Code of Conduct

The standards demanded of all those dealing with customers of the Barratt Group of Companies.

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