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BDW Trading Ltd (England and Wales)

Safety Questionnaire for Non-Accredited Sub-Contractors (SHE 57)

This form is only to be used for those Contractors employing less than five persons.

Updated September 2016

Safety Questionnaire for Labour Only Sub-Contractors (SHE 57A)

This form is only to be used for Labour Only Sub-Contractors.

Updated September 2016

Self Billing Agreement Letter

Standard form of Self Billing Agreement to be completed by both Contractor and the divisional office for which the work is being completed.

Sub-Contract Status Assessment

A Sub-Contractor Status Assessment Form must be completed to assess the status of each Contractor working for us. This
is to ensure that the Company is not employing personnel directly and are not liable for Class 1 National Insurance, Holiday and Sickness pay.

Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies are NOT required to complete this form and should advise their Divisional Commercial representative of this information. The Divisional Commercial representative must then advise the Barratt Group Support Centre COINS Purchase Ledger Administrator accordingly.

For all other Contractors, Assessments must be completed with the named individual who must sign the assessment to confirm that they have a) been consulted and b) that the information is correct to the best of
their knowledge.

This form only needs to be completed once unless the Contractor changes its UTR with HM Revenue & Customs.

Timber Sourcing Policy

Barratt Developments PLC uses substantial amounts of timber in the production of our homes. We purchase timber materials from numerous suppliers across the UK who in turn sources these materials from around the world. We are committed to purchasing all timber and timber products from well-managed forestry sources, whilst recognising that some areas of the world represent greater environmental risks than others in respect of timber harvesting.

Barratt Developments PLC acknowledges the importance of auditable independent certification throughout the supply chain. Whilst there are currently more than one recognised forestry certification body, we have chosen the following as appropriate alternatives that all suppliers must conform to:

  •  Forest Stewardship Council ('FSC') standard and its "Chain of Custody" certification
  •  Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ('PEFC').

This Policy sets out a framework that we expect our timber supply chain partners to apply and relates to all timber products that they provide to us and the operating activities that they and their respective supply chains are engaged in.

SHE Form 67 Delivery, Unloading And Loading Of Materials And Plant

This policy applies to all delivery drivers attending Barratt Developments PLC ('the Group') developments and offices (including Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes, Barratt London, Wilson Bowden and BD Living) not undertaking works other than those works directly involved with the unloading of vehicles supplying materials/plant/equipment.

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