Drug and Alcohol Testing

Posted: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 16:00

Drug and Alcohol Testing

As part of our continuing strategy to identify and manage risks associated with our business, we have identified the potential misuse of alcohol and illegal drugs whilst at work, as an area which requires our further consideration.

We have issued an Alert to our site teams to provide them with some guidance on the Group's policy and that random testing for drugs and alcohol will be undertaken. We will be implementing a programme of random testing on our sites from 1 March 2017. However, if there is any suspicion that an individual is showing signs that they may be working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will instigate immediate emergency testing.

The testing process is as detailed in the Safety, Health & Environmental Briefing (SHEB 03) for which there is a link to at the bottom of this page and, as part of our SHE Code of Practice for Sub-Contractors (SHE Form 09), we have clearly identified that testing of contractors on our sites may be undertaken. The SHE Code of Practice forms part our General Terms of Appointment for all Contractors.

Members of your workforce may be tested as part of this policy. If an individual refuses to provide a sample or provides a non-negative sample, they will be asked to leave site immediately and prohibited from working on any sites managed by the Group. If the test is non-negative and there has been a declaration of medicines being taken (some off-the-shelf medicines contain opiates), the individual may remain on site subject to the results of the secondary samples sent to the laboratories (results are normally received within 24hrs).

We will inform you immediately of the results of any testing that is undertaken on persons you employ or are working on site on your behalf.

We have a zero-tolerance policy approach to individuals who may be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol whilst working on our developments. We have written to all of our Contractors, to inform all of their workforce who may work on our sites that, testing may be undertaken.

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