Supply Chain Sustainability School

Posted: Tue, 06 Jun 2017 10:36

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Background: The Homes School has been effective at engaging the top 200 + suppliers of materials and equipment to the homes market. However we can be much more successful at engaging the sub-contract trades who are responsible for providing the skills and labour on site.

These trades have significant social impacts and also effect issues such as the performance gap, waste, materials use, energy & carbon emissions, environmental management, biodiversity and site water usage.

This aspect of the supply chain is typified by a local or regional nature and the fact that they supply to multiple house builders and main contractors across the industry.

Objective: To improve the sustainability performance of the Home building sector we need to improve the sustainability knowledge and then performance of the regional sub-contract supply chain.

Proposed solution: To run a collaborative regional "road-show" that engages and educates the regional sub-contract supply chain. Each Partner to the Homes School will, by working with their regional businesses and commercial leads, provide lists of these sub-contractors to the School who will then promote a series of 8 regional "road-shows", each 3 hours in length. London, South East, South West, West Midlands, North West, North East, Scotland and Wales.

Attendance (target 50 at each) will be voluntary, as will membership of the School. We wish to work with those sub-contractors who see commercial benefit in sustainability.

By attending these events, regional sub-contractors will:

Find out about a house builder's pipeline of work, and the opportunities available to local sub-contractors.

Understand more about the priorities and challenges faced by home builders in the region.

Learn about the Supply Chain School, and the free resources available to help them better meet customer requirements.

Network with other regional sub-contractors and home builders.

For additional information please contact Becky Bryant or call 02076 971971

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